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The Hallowed Ones Book Review

Title: The Hallowed Ones
Author: Laura Bickle
Publisher: Graphia
Publication Date: September 25, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-0547859262

320 pp.

ARC provided by publisher

I picked up this ARC at the ALA Conference this summer because the premise is so wildly unique. There's all this Amish romance out there, but I'd never -- EVER -- seen Amish horror before. It would either be brilliant or a bust.

It's bloody brilliant.

Laura Bickle introduces readers to Katie, a young Amish woman who's looking forward to Rumspringa, that time when Amish teenagers leave their sheltered community and go among the "English." She fantasizes about going to the movies and wearing blue jeans. But she expects she'll return after Rumspringa and marry Elijah, the boy next door and her best friend.

While the Amish community is strict, Katie has small rebellions like reading comic books at the drug store in town and drinking Coke. But Katie knows that her biggest flaw is lack of blind obedience to the rules of the Elders. She likes to make up her own mind before she follows orders.

When strange things start to happen Outside, even the isolated Amish community isn't safe. Katie knows there's no hope of Rumspringa now; there might be no hope there will be another tomorrow. But Katie can't follow the Elders' orders to leave a young "English" man to die.

So she hides him. And waits for the end of the world. She doesn't have to wait long.

Katie is an engaging character with plenty of spunk and intelligence. She's completely believable as a girl who sees all her dreams turn into a nightmare. The horror comes on slowly, and then POW! It doesn't let up. A super-creepy read that's perfect for Halloween.

The Hallowed Ones book trailer:


  1. HE HALLOWED ONES was scary, intense, atmospheric, and thought-provoking, and it provided a window into a community that I don't know very well but am completely intrigued by. Vampires + Amish = OUTSTANDING, and I'm ready for more.


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