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My First Rejection

So I didn't win the contest with the awesome prize of a 10-page read by Regina Brooks. Does this mean I curl up with a box of Ho-Ho's and cry uncontrollably? Or trash my entire novel because the first 200 words failed to grab the judge's attention? No and no (although don't me get wrong, Ho-Ho's are awesome). I've been doing this too long to let a blog contest get me down.

How long have I been doing this? Well, I won't get into actual years, but let's say it was before blog contests existed. Or blogs. Or the internets.

But this current rejection made me think about my first big rejection, and that's actually a pretty good story. So I'll share.

I was an English major at UCLA with vague plans of being a writer. I heard about a creative writing class taught by Irish author Brian Moore. This class was an audition class ... everyone had to submit a story and the names of those admitted to the class would be posted on a bulletin board shortly before t…