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Boy, I Could Really Go for Some Gooey Dewey

In the midst of a major rewrite of a script, nothing beats putting off revisions like trolling through Facebook. Especially if it involves ice cream.

I found the People for a Library-Themed Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream group on FB and happily joined the cause. One suggested flavor is Gooey Decimal System with marshmallow, book-shaped fudge and Gummi Worms in vanilla ice cream. But I like the name Gooey Dewey better (rhyming names are fun, such as the classic Chunky Monkey), and the flavor needs to have more chocolate. I'm thinking chocolate ice cream with a caramel swirl and fudge chunks.

I humbly submit the flavor Crazy Patron, which would be banana ice cream with crumbled graham crackers and mixed nuts. Just a thought.

So take a moment from your own writing project and see the other flavors submitted. Maybe come up with a few of your own. It's not procrastinating if it you use word play in the naming of the flavor. Consider it a writing prompt!