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5 Time Wasting Websites You Should Visit

I've finished up the fourth draft of the NaNoWriMo novel. Well, pretty much. I make revisions on a hard copy and then I type them in, futzing a bit with it along the way. This should take me a week. At most.

But I'm almost 2 weeks in and still plugging along. I blame summer. I could blame lots of things, but let's stick with summer, with its sunshine and beaches and frozen lemonades.

Since I'm not working as diligently as I should, I thought I'd share some of my favorite time wasting websites with you.

1. Hot Guys Reading Books
I recently found this one through NPR's website. Way to go NPR! You're not as high-brow as I thought you were! The website offers exactly what it promises and makes for a nice diversion.

2. Double-Tongued Dictionary
Grant Barrett is co-host of A Way with Words, a great podcast about words and how people use them, and everyone should listen to it. They should also check out Grant's website on the latest words and phrases that are …