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Character Playlist: What Would Keely Listen To?

My absolute favorite character building exercise was creating a playlist for my main character. It's good way to get into her head and differentiate hervoice from my voice (which can sneak in more than I like to admit). I have to remember that my MC is a contemporary 17 year old, which means she was born in 1993. Smells Like Teen Spirit is an oldie to her. So I've had to push myself and discover what kind of music she'd listen to.

Here's some background about Keely (my MC):
she considers herself to be emo-liteshe lives in a small town in Arizona with her mom and grandmothershe's a senior in high school and thinks a lot about the future
Based on that, I decided on these perimeters of her musical taste:
her favorite band is Green Dayshe likes Johnny Cash because her grandmother doesshe listens to a few '80s band because her mom listens to them (Police, Violet Femmes, The Cure, etc.)she likes songs that are a little rebellious but not too dark
Last 10 Songs Played o…