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Random Cat Videos III

The thing about being a cat person is that you can't go very long without a cat. So when our beloved Pablo passed away earlier this year, it wasn't too long before we went to the local rescue.

These are the new kittens, Jake and Elwood. Pretty cute, huh?

And if that's not enough cuteness, here are some random cat videos for you:

Cat Man Do:

Sad Cat Diary:

Trololo Cat:

Happy New Year, everyone!

Mayday Book Review

Author: Jonathan Friesen
Publisher: Speak
Publication Date: April 10, 2014

320 pp.

ARC provided by author

The premise for Jonathan Friesen'sMayday is pretty intriguing. Eighteen-year-old Crow tries to protect her sister Addy, but ends up in a coma. During that coma, she has the chance to go on a "walkabout," an opportunity to go back in the past and change things. Except she doesn't go back as herself. She goes back in a loaner body known as Shane. The first time Crow goes back, Shane is a 13 year old girl, the second time, Shane is a 19 year old guy. Shane is able to interact with Crow and begins to see situations and people in new ways.

Intriguing, right?

Except the execution wasn't quite there for me. The first time Crow goes back as Shane, there is a slow burn of a reveal about what happened to Addy, but it was pretty heavily foreshadowed and not much of a surprise.

The second time Crow goes back as Shane, what's supposed to happen to Add…