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Book Review Policy

I only review books I read from cover to cover. Sometimes, for whatever reason, I do not finish a book. It seems fair to me not review books I've only partially read.

In my reviews, I give a short synopsis and my overall thoughts about the book. I do my best not to include any spoilers. I am a librarian and a writer and I look at the book through both perspectives. As a writer, the big questions for me are: were the characters believable, the plot logical, the style engaging? As a librarian, I try to figure out read-alikes and what kind of reader would enjoy the book.

If you are a publisher and would like to send me an ARC, you can contact me here. I am primarily interested in YA titles, but I do read some MG. I'm also interested in science fiction/fantasy and non-fiction titles about writing, social media, history, science, and language. Based on my interests and time commitments, I may choose not to review a particular title, but please feel free to contact me again at a later date.