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NaNoWriMo Round-Up

Yep, it's all over and I survived. Barely.

Words written: 50,062
Last word written: exist

NaNoWriMo pushed me harder than I thought possible. Of course, much of what I wrote was garbage: unnecessary he saids or she saids, frequently accompanied with an adverb; kind ofs and sort ofs aplenty; and I did succumb to the lure of adding song lyrics. Several times.

But I did NOT use the pre-existing pages I had in the the word count, so I'd still like to pat myself on the back. If not for a job well done, then at least done. Sort of.

I'm about 15 pages from finishing up a rough draft. And that's something that should get a happy dance. The novel is a rambling mess, but I have a clear idea now of the story arc and the characters' voices. Those 15 pages should be a cakewalk. I know I shouldn't lose the momentum, but I'm kind of, sort of sick of the whole thing, she said defensively.

So I'm giving myself a little break from the novel. For how long? I don't really kn…