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Revisions Using Wordle

One of great things about Twitter is finding out about cool things. And one of those cool things is Wordle.

Wordle turned my manuscript into a visual representation of the most used words. The more often a word is used, the bigger it is. I chose the layout (horizontal), the colors (Chilled Summer), and the font (Teen, of course). I can also look at a full word count list so I know exactly how many times I used the word just (an edit-worthy 82 times!)

My characters' names are the largest, which is to be expected. But other words become easy to see that they're over-used and unnecessary. In addition to just, there's:

really-55seems-33yeah-33actually-32finally-26probably-26I'm beginning Draft #6, the draft where I'm going through every chapter, scene, and word until it's as perfect as it can be. I've blogged about stop-words that kill the flow of fiction, and when they pop out at me on Wordle, it's worth hitting the Find Next button 26 or 55 or 82 times.

I a…

2011 Goals (not Resolutions)

It's the middle of the first week of the year and high time that I declare to the world (or at least myself) what I plan to do in 2011.

Like most sane people, I've realized that resolutions are created to be broken. Which is why I'm focusing on goals, not resolutions. Because I'm human, I can control and revise my goals as necessary. But first I have to set them ...

My first goal is to complete the 2011 Debut Author Challenge. I posted about this before and I'm excited to read more YA. I read maybe 20 books last year, which is a low number for some but way above what the average American reads in a year. I'd like to read at least 25 books in 2011, with 12 of them guaranteed to be YA.

My second goal is to finish my WIP. I'm almost done with Draft #5. I've already had a group of beta readers take a look at it and will probably have fresh eyes look at Draft #6. And then it will be time for the next goal ...

Goal Three is to query agents. I've been doing re…