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For Librarians Who Write

Librarians tend to be book-loving, reading-happy, creative-thinking people. These kind of people also tend to be writers. Maybe you've never shared the 5000 page mega-fantasy you've been working on since 9th grade with your co-workers. Maybe you jot off ideas for a "cute meet" in your romcom screenplay when the Reference desk is slow. Maybe you've revised that YA novel so many times that the rural coming-of-age story now involves vampires who go to an exclusive Manhattan prep school and must stop the coming nuclear apocalypse. If so, then this blog is for you.

To give advice and support to other librarian writers who like to tell stories, I'll be sharing my own writing angst, missteps, and occasional good news. Any interesting articles, webpages, blogs, or other miscellany on writing, librarianship, and the world at large will be passed on to you. And please share your own writing angst, missteps, and good news. Because we're in this together, baby.