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Three (Funny) Videos About Writing

I'm in the middle of revising the outline of the screenplay I'm working on and blanking on a blog topic.

I thought maybe I'd write about my new Pinterest obsession. Or how much I can't wait to see The Hunger Games movie. Or even more random cat videos.

But then I saw this video that I thought was hilarious. Finally, young adult books are getting a little respect. Because young adult novels can save the economy!

Obama's Young Adult Novel Plan:

Of course, writing isn't as easy it looks. Although some people refuse to believe that.

So You Want to Write a Novel:

But if you've got writer's block, you can always use the people around you for inspiration.

George Lucas in Love:

Happy writing!


  1. Hi Monica

    I wrote the animated Write a Novel video you posted -- thanks for sharing it, and glad you got a kick out of it.

    David Kazzie

    1. I think your video should be required viewing for all wannabe authors!

    2. :-)

      When I wrote it, I intended for the Pink Bear-Pig-Dog thing be a caricature of all the horror stories I'd heard and read about -- I was amazed by how many people told me they'd had a very similar encounter!


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