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Return of the Random Cat Videos

Pablo the Cat
I can no longer put it off.

This weekend I have to sort through my papers and organize my tax information.

But if you can put it off a little longer, here are some random cat videos to help you procrastinate.

(And that good-looking cat in the picture is Pablo, who gets his fluffy coat and big paws from some Maine Coon ancestor.)

First up is Henri, the French Existentialist Cat. There are a whole series of Henri videos now, including an endorsement deal he got with Friskies. But the first is still the best.

Henri the French Existentialist Cat:

If you think teaching your cat how to walk on a leash is hard, you might have better luck teaching them how to walk their human.

How to Walk Your Human:

Finally, this video was so funny that the tears of laughter blinded me and I had to watch it again. And again.

Scientific Proof that Cats are Better Than Dogs:



  1. OK, OK, you may have "scientific proof" that cats are better than dogs...and it was a hilarious video...BUT I still love me a dog.


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