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Looking Ahead to 2013

Welcome to 2013, everyone!

Another year is upon us, which means fresh starts and big plans.

The big thing for me this year is that the screenplay I wrote last year is going into production later this month!

It's been a rollercoaster getting it to this point, but so worth it. First, major thanks to Kelli Bennett, my producer extraordinaire. She approached me with a crazy idea to make a microbudget film and I said, why not? I've always wanted to write a script that was nonlinear and from multiple points of view and I thought such a script would be perfect for an independent feature. Kelli kept challenging me to make it clearer, make it meaningful, make it better.

There are still challenges to come, distribution being the big one, and I'll keep you posted throughout the year.

On the fiction front, I just got back a critique from agent Mary Kole, via one of the Writer's Digest seminars. I was pleased with what Ms. Kole had to say, and after I revise via her suggestions, I think it's time to send my baby out into the world. Keep posted on that, too.

Professionally, it's never too early to start planning Summer Reading Club for the library. This year the theme is Beneath the Surface. I'm already scouring Pinterest for craft ideas. I'll share some of my favorites with you in the coming months.

May 2013 be full of sunshine for you!