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Reader's Corner - November 2012 Update

"I'd make a kick-ass beauty queen."
November was a good reading month for graphic novels. I read Cardboard by Doug TenNapel, and a review is forthcoming, but let me tell you now, it is fantastic!

I also read Tune: Vanishing Point by Derek Kirk Kim. Another review forthcoming, and again, it's fantastic. (But a head's up, it is for older teens and adults.)

In audiobook news, I listened to Beauty Queens by the versatile Libba Bray. She narrates the audiobook, which includes 20 or so different characters. And while her British accents could use some work, there is very little to quibble over in this amazing and hilarious recording (another head's up as this is also for older teens and adults.) The audiobook includes an author Q & A portion, so keep listening after the credits.

Beauty Queens book trailer with the lovely Libba Bray: