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In Memory of Maurice Sendak

So much has already been written about the fearless brilliance of Maurice Sendak.

For example, Neil Gaiman wrote this heartfelt tribute about his hero. And he wrote another one, too.

Maurice Sendak seemed to care as much about fame as he did controversy. He did what he did and didn't care much what people thought about it, good or bad.

Lucky for us, his work was remarkable. Even iconic. And always honest. So honest that some people feel his books are dangerous, telling children things they shouldn't know. What Maurice Sendak realized was that children already know these things.

He was a picture book master that will never a equaled. He will be missed, but librarians, teachers, and parents will ensure that he is not forgotten.

Below are three videos that celebrate Maurice Sendak and his work. The first video is Part 1 of the interview Stephen Colbert did with Maurice Sendak. It is hilarious.

The second video is President Obama reading Where the Wild Things Are to a group of children at the 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll. It is adorable, especially when Bo gets involved in the wild rumpus.

The third video is a Christopher Walken impersonator reading Where the Wild Things Are, including narrating the pictures. It's slightly bizarre, which is why I'm including it.

Stephen Colbert interviews Maurice Sendak:

President Obama reads Where the Wild Things Are:

"Christopher Walken" narrates Where the Wild Things Are: