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One World, Many Stories - Film Edition

Summer reading programs are starting and as I've mentioned before, the theme at the libraries where I work is One World, Many Stories.

In addition to the books that I've previously listed, there are also some fabulous movies with multicultural stories that you might be interested in.

Bend It Like Beckham: A Pakistani teen in London defies her parents by playing soccer.

The Chorus (Les Choristes): At a school for troubled boys in France, a music teacher changes their lives.

Empire of the Sun: A young English boy tries to survive in a Japanese POW camp during World War II.

Into the West: Two Traveller brothers find a mysterious white horse in their Irish slum.

Osama: A 12-year-old girl disguises herself as boy after the Taliban takes over Afghanistan.

Quinceanera: Magdalena gets kicked out of her home when she finds out she's pregnant, but finds a new home with her grandfather and gay cousin.

Rabbit-Proof Fence: Three aboriginal girls escape government custody and attempt to walk across Australia to reunite with their families.

The Secret of Roan Inish: A 10-year-old girl believes that Selkies (seal creatures who can take human form) have taken her baby brother.

Spirited Away: A young Japanese girl must save her enchanted parents from a bevy of hungry spirits.

Whale Rider: A Maori girl fights tradition to become chief.

Some of these movies are heartbreaking to watch and may be best for older children and teens (I'm looking at you, Osama and Rabbit-Proof Fence). But they are also good places to start to make others (including adults) aware of how children around the world live as well as different cultures and myths.

I've made my recommendations based on movies that I've seen. What are some of your favorite multicultural films for children?