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5 Time Wasting Websites You Should Visit

I've finished up the fourth draft of the NaNoWriMo novel. Well, pretty much. I make revisions on a hard copy and then I type them in, futzing a bit with it along the way. This should take me a week. At most.

But I'm almost 2 weeks in and still plugging along. I blame summer. I could blame lots of things, but let's stick with summer, with its sunshine and beaches and frozen lemonades.

Since I'm not working as diligently as I should, I thought I'd share some of my favorite time wasting websites with you.

1. Hot Guys Reading Books
I recently found this one through NPR's website. Way to go NPR! You're not as high-brow as I thought you were! The website offers exactly what it promises and makes for a nice diversion.

2. Double-Tongued Dictionary
Grant Barrett is co-host of A Way with Words, a great podcast about words and how people use them, and everyone should listen to it. They should also check out Grant's website on the latest words and phrases that are entering the lexicon but won't be seen in a dictionary anytime soon (Do you know what a "seagan" is? Grant does.).

3. Murmur
I came to Murmur through another podcast, iFanboy, which is a comic book geek's podcast. But Murmur has its own way groovy podcast and a much larger focus than comic books. Murmur covers movies, television, music, books ... pretty much anything that YOU want to discuss because it's a community driven website. Want to write an article about how awesome Glee is? Or if Doctor Who is still awesome post-David Tennant? A great place to geek out on what you love.

4. Fontspace
Fonts! For free! 'nuff said.

5. Cake Wrecks
My all-time favorite cake blog. The highs and lows (mostly lows) of cake decorating. Endlessly diverting. And, occasionally, book related.